A Veteran’s Mission

On this day, as a veteran of Afghanistan, and one who defended freedom, I’d like to ask my fellow Americans to take up the cause of Sara Kruzan.  I’ve asked several anti-human trafficking organizations to highlight her cause, indeed, it is the second year I’ve asked DC Stop Modern Slavery to highlight her cause at it’s annual walk to end Modern Day Slavery.

I’ve been told, by some, that her story is too controversial. I reject that notion! To me,it should be controversial that a child was not allowed to save herself and all of the other girls under GG’s (the pimp) control from the serial rape they were forced to endure at the hands of an adult pimp and adult johns.

To me, it is controversial that Sara was denied her right to present her best defense. Even California Attorney General Kamala Harris, writing
about this, said:

We also recognize that it is perverse to suggest that a minor who has
been sexually abused and exploited from the age of 11 should be entitled
to lesser defenses than an adult who has been in an abusive dating

Sara’s story is heart-breaking. She was made into a victim from a very early age, and now remains in prison, 18 years later, waiting for justice. Please read her story. If you agree with me, that she deserves better, and that everyone involved in the Anti-Human-Trafficking movement needs to know and talk about Sara’s story, I’d like you to do a few simple things.

First, share this story. Share it on facebook, share it with your local anti-human-trafficking organization, share it on twitter.

Next, no matter where you are on Earth, join DC Stop Modern Slavery.

People come from all over the United States to attend this annual walk so it would be nice for the leaders of this organization to know that you think Sara’s cause is worth their attention.

Its free, it costs nothing to sign up, and once you have signed up, do ONE more thing. Put in your profile that you think Sara Kruzan should be free and you think DC Stop Modern Slavery, as leaders of the Nation, should highlight this national shame. There is NO ONE ELSE who has spent 18 YEARS in prison for ending the ability of a pimp to harm more girls.

In the wake of the Sandusky trial, so many people asked the question: “How many people would not have had their lives ruined, had Sandusky, a serial abuser, been stopped?” Sara stopped one of her abusers and even had to be coerced to do so. Why are we allowing a survivor of child sex trafficking to languish in prison? Who does that? Who allows that? WE DO and it MUST STOP!


Ed Drain